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A Surprise 88th Birthday: Custom Invitation + Inspiration

By - admin
15.09.22 11:37 AM

We wanted this invite to be fun but simple and elegant. Kind of sounds like controversy right? The requested colors were purple and gold. Making gold appear "gold" when printed can be difficult without looking flat or dated. I opted for a gold foil illustration accent for the name, frame, and "surprise bubbles". Like champagne... with glitter in it! ( I'm always a little fun with the formal. I mean I don't consider myself a dancer but I'll be one of the first on the dance floor.. a sort of secret party animal.)

Events are always so fun to brainstorm. In another life I could be an event planner... NOT! Kuddos to those super detail oriented individuals who make events mesmerizing. I will gladly stick to the branding part of the event. Working with event planers taught me something important; the invitation should be a preface to the feel and theme of the whole event. For those special celebrations, opt for a special invitation. If you need something special, remember to contact me and we can work together! More inspiration? Why yes!

After years of color theory I still find new meanings for color and color explanations. For instance, purple or violet assists those who "seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment - it expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. For this reason it is associated with transformation of the soul and the philosophers of the world are often attracted to it..." or so I heard. Gold is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. A perfect feeling for a milestone of 88 years! Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the color psychology of gold implies affluence, material wealth, and extravagance. (Bling, right?) Besides, I never pass up the chance to glitz something out. That's the girly-girl in me. There will NEVER be enough glitter!!! Mwa-ha-ha!


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