Branding Extras
The following are branding extras and print design that you can purchase separately. Be sure to include which extras you would like in your initial custom inquiry. Each item listed below receives one round of revisions. Any extra revisions will be billed accordingly. Once the design is complete, you will receive a print ready file in the form of a pdf. If you would like to organize printing through us (recommended with some services), we will be happy to supply you with a custom quote for the project.

  • Social Media Graphics and Post Templates (Instagram, Facebook)

  • Brochures, Flyers

  • Presentation Folders *recommended printing

  • Labels, Package Design *recommended printing

  • Signage, Display Banners *recommended printing

  • Promotional Products

  • Many other things you dream up

Color Disclaimer
Colors look different on different screens due to resolution and individually customized screen settings.

Right to Display
JadeBerth Creative reserves the right to display and market all custom work completed as a condition of services. Any and all personal information on the design such as addresses, phone numbers, and other personal data provided by you will be changed prior to publication in a digital portfolio. Any custom design including but not limited to invitations, general unbranded designs, (not custom logos and branding materials) will be available for other customers and for use in future projects unless you choose to pay an exclusive additional design charge to be determined at the time of the request for exclusivity. This request must be submitted in writing to In that case, once payment has been made, the design is solely yours and will not be available to others for additional customs.


Hosting + Domain + Email
Your domain name as well as hosting and email services must be purchased by you, the client.  JadeBerth Creative is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site. Client must provide JadeBerth Creative with FTP access to their server & hosting services. Please note there is a downtime when transferring your website (about 24-48 hours, plus more if you also are changing domains/emails). We recommend that you use  Wordpress for your domain purchase and hosting services. This contract does not include future CMS compatibility issues for your site, but we can suggest a website maintenance provider if you wish. (CMS updates, plugin updates, etc) After the launch of the site, we will maintain and check for issues + updates for 30 days unbilled. All additional major work (layout, plugins, and anything else that will require recoding) and updates to the site will be quoted and billed at our hourly rate {currently $50 per hour + subject to change at anytime and without notice}. We suggest you compile your changes/updates into a monthly brief to be handled at one time unless it is an emergency change.

Development Process
All sites are built on a test server and then uploaded as a theme to your self-hosted Wordpress (or other) website. Once you provide your written approval on the design of your site and we go to the development phase, the design part is complete. Changes beyond this point will incur additional charges, billed at the completion of the project.

Site Copy + Photography
All site photography should be completed and uploaded by the client to our shared dropbox before site design begins. I always recommend working with a professional photographer for your website imagery for a more personal and custom feel but stock photography can be purchased and used by the client as an alternative.
The client is required to provide all pages titles and site content and proofread copy prior to site design. This will help us design the site specific to your needs from the start and will streamline and customize the design process. All content will be uploaded by you to our shared dropbox folder for use in the mockup design. You are responsible for providing all images in proper format, size and quality for your website design unless arrangements have been made through Jade Berth Creative. Any delays to the submission of this information will cause your project to be delayed and, in some cases, may result in additional charges.

Website Maintenance Plan
We do not include support for future CMS or framework update and compatibility issues for your site. After the launch of the site and 30-day maintenance period, all additional work will be quoted and billed at the hourly rate. You will have the opportunity to purchase a website maintenance plan through our development partners and more information can be presented to you if you are interested. This plan (or any equivalent plan by a provider of your choice) is highly recommended for the security and function of your new website moving forward.

Scope of Support
We are happy to help you with issues related to:

  • Installing one of our themes

  • Any of the theme features or settings

  • General bug fixes

We unfortunately cannot help you with:

  • Post-delivery customization or modifications

  • General WordPress questions and support

  • Third party plugins

  • Updates to the CMS platform and the impact on our theme

  • Issues arising from user modifications to the site’s code, styling or functionality

What’s covered (and what isn’t)
Our support system is in place to ensure that you are able to get your theme installed, configured and working for you just like the demo site, as easily as possible. We’re here to resolve any issues you might have with the installation process itself, getting any of the theme functionalities to work as shown, or fixing any bugs you might have found along the way.

Please understand that all design decisions have been consciously made by us to create a great looking site– please use the features and functionalities of the theme as they were intended, as opposed to trying to modify it into something that looks and functions differently. We cannot help with theme customization, or provide support for any issues caused by modification to the theme’s code, styling or functionality, whether performed by you or others.

  • We do not offer general support for the installation, administration or customization of the WordPress platform itself. The forums provide lots of WordPress specific advice and can help you with any WordPress related issues you might be facing.

  • We do not offer support related to third party plugins – any issues should be raised with that particular plugin’s author. All third party plugins should be disabled before submitting a support ticket.

  • We are unable to provide support related to your server or hosting configuration – these issues must be raised with your specific hosting provider.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless J. DREAM STUDIO, LLC/ DBA JADEBERTH CREATIVE, its affiliates and any of their respective officers, directors, agents or employees, from and against any and all liabilities, claims, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable legal fees and expenses), brought by any third party alleging, arising, related or resulting from (i) your use of services provided by J. DREAM STUDIO, LLC/ DBA JADEBERTH CREATIVE, (ii) any materials submitted by you or on behalf of you to J. DREAM STUDIO, LLC/ DBA JADEBERTH CREATIVE or (iii) your violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation. You shall bear all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney’s fees in any action brought to recover payment under this contract or in which J. DREAM STUDIO, LLC/ DBA JADEBERTH CREATIVE may become a party by reason of this contract.