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An Evening in Paris: Custom Invitation & Inspiration

By - admin
15.09.22 11:23 AM

I have personally never been to Paris but it's totally on my travel bucket list. The request for this invitation was a romantic themed "Evening in Paris" birthday celebration. I thought about (of course) the Eiffel Tower, not just that, but what's around it. Blooming cherry blossoms, love notes, and stars in a clear night sky. 

(Don't you just love those Carrie-esque Manolo's?) The requested colors were blue and silver. I found that was a refreshing take on the common pink and black that you see everywhere. I'm not saying that combination combined with a Paris theme isn't pretty, (hello, Pinterest?) I was just glad that I could use a different color scheme. So here are a few things to get your juices flowing if you want to plan a blue and silver "Evening in Paris".

Now before you go all "that's my image!" on me, please realize that I just design the inspiration boards. I don't have sources for all the images as some of them are just a result of a quick image search. So if you recognize something and want to let me know who to give credit to, feel free! Or if you have that kind of time, you can do it yourself in the comments section... Peace.


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