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This invitation was made for a gender reveal baby shower. The client wanted it to be fun, but with easy to coordinate traditional colors; light pink and blue. I really wanted to keep it modern, so I focused on the typography. I sometimes design my type based on the way someone says it aloud, and ani...

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I have a boy and a girl who's birthdays are only 2 weeks apart. I know they won't celebrate together forever, but for the years that they do, I have the challenge of sometimes taking a specific theme and making it gender neutral. I initially wanted to use every color and every animal patte...

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HALLOWEEN!!! It's that time! Ok maybe not, but it is here on my blog! This invitation was inspired by all things glittered and haunted! "Fun, but still a little on the sophisticated side" was the request. My favorite combination! I was so Inspired I did a second invitation with the same co...

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We wanted this invite to be fun but simple and elegant. Kind of sounds like controversy right? The requested colors were purple and gold. Making gold appear "gold" when printed can be difficult without looking flat or dated. I opted for a gold foil illustration accent for the name, fr...

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I have personally never been to Paris but it's totally on my travel bucket list. The request for this invitation was a romantic themed "Evening in Paris" birthday celebration. I thought about (of course) the Eiffel Tower, not just that, but what's around it. Blooming cherry blossoms, ...

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